"I just feel out of balance and alignment!" by Lou Lugsdin

Does this statement resonate with you?

Do you, or have you ever felt out of balance or alignment? (I have!)

Do you feel like you are living your life on autopilot, merely surviving, not thriving?

Well, if feeling “out of balance or out of alignment” is not new to you, you are not alone. This is an all-too-common statement that I hear all the time from my clients.

It’s a term that is frequently used when we are feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, unmotivated, or just not living life like we’d like to!

When was the last time you felt out of balance or alignment, or said, “I feel so OUT OF BALANCE?”

There are many reasons we feel out of balance! It is extremely prevalent amongst professionals, with successful careers. Our work life takes up hours and hours of our focus, energy and time each week, leaving little time for rest, rejuvenation, fun, hobbies, family time, friends, a social life and all of the other things that are important to us and ‘fill our cup’!

When work commitments and responsibilities take over, we all too often, and without thought, begin to neglect the other areas of our life that are also important to us. These other areas help us to feel fulfilled, energized, motivated, and balanced.

Balance is not a 50/50 split of commitments! Balancing our work and our life is not like balancing an equal-arm balance in mathematics. A 50/50 split doesn’t guarantee happiness, joy, and fulfilment. Feeling balanced is unique to all of us. We all have our own definition of ‘balance’ and as such, there is no set formula to follow.

What’s important is to find out what balance means to you, and understand what balance looks like, feels like, and sounds like to you. We need this knowledge before we can begin to unpack how and why we are feeling out of balance or out of alignment, and what to do about it.

Some key questions to start asking yourself are below.

What would you be doing if you were living a balanced life?

What wouldn’t you be doing if you were living a balanced life?

What would your life look like, feel like and sound like if you were balanced and aligned?

How would you know you were feeling balanced and aligned?

How would your life be better if you felt balanced and aligned?

What needs to change to become more balanced and aligned?

What's your first step?

One resource I use with clients who feel out of balance and alignment is the Wheel of Life. The Wheel of Life provides a visual representation of your life right now. It requires a client to score up to 8 different areas of their life out of 10. This allows us to assess and analyse each area and opens a conversation regarding why we gave each section the score we did.

The Wheel of Life activity provides information that is not only eye-opening, but provides a visual of our life that reveals how well each area is performing. It allows us to investigate and compare each area, discuss the positives and negatives of each area, and begin to brainstorm what we need to do, to create change where change is needed.

To find out more about the Wheel of Life, click on the link below.

Feeling out of balance and alignment affects our work performance, productivity, and motivation. It can also affect our relationships, communication, and our ability to contribute to, and complete work tasks.

The good news is, we can do something about it. There are many strategies available to us, that we can choose from, to bring more balance and alignment back into our lives. Once we have assessed where we are now, and know which areas of our life are balanced and which are unbalanced, we can take steps to create positive personal and professional change.

By Lou Lugsdin, MyY

Qualified Counsellor, Coach and Consultant

Lou is an EAP Counsellor and Leadership Coach helping businesses to create mentally healthy workplaces. Be proactive, not reactive, and participate in your workplace EAP Counselling program.

Is it time to put yourself first, and say yes to you? Is it time to create new healthy habits? Is it time to find out how to take a proactive approach to looking after your mental health and wellbeing? YES!

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