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Tools to kick start your personal development journey

Through our range of counselling, consulting, and business and mindset coaching services and tools, I work alongside you to achieve the results you are looking for. Download one of our free programs on this page to kick-start your personal development journey or contact me for a free no-obligation discovery call to discuss how I can help.  


MindFit Program

Are you suffering from mental fatigue and brain fog? Feeling stretched to the max - doing everything for everyone else and nothing for yourself? Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, emotional or highly reactive to situations?


Imagine feeling better, happier and more in control. Make your mental and emotional health a priority by implementing a mental and emotional fitness plan that will help you to:

  • have mental clarity

  • be responsive instead of reactive

  • be less emotional

  • stop, pause and breathe and start saying NO!

  • make decisions, know that you have choices

  • relax and experience some calm

  • reduce stress and overwhelm

  • sleep better

  • make healthier food choices

  • exercise your body as well as your mind


Download the FREE MindFit Program 


Wheel of Life Program

Rate areas of your life and receive a visual description of your life right now, showing what’s working and areas for improvement. 


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MyCareer Program

Are you bamboozled by what career to choose? Are you feeling pressured to choose a career pathway but have no idea what to do or where to start? Are you confused by what career options or paths you are suited for? 


Try our nine simple steps MyCareer Program to find the right career for you to:

  • love the career you choose and have no regrets

  • turn up to work every day with enthusiasm and passion

  • feel valued in the workplace

  • work alongside people you connect with

  • have a job description that matches your strengths and interests

  • participate in tasks that motivate and interest you.

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